We hold a firm believe that beauty is universal and that all its diversity should be celebrated. The Pheora Rucci community welcomes all races, genders, or ethnicities. Going further than that, we strongly believe that you can embrace your natural beauty and still wear makeup.Using makeup doesn't mean that you don't love yourself. It's absolutely okay for you to enhance your natural beauty with makeup. Makeup doesn't define you, it's merely a tool that you can use to enhance your natural beauty.

You must know something, always, you are beautiful. Yes, you are beautiful. Makeup and beauty products, like clothes and jewelry, are just accessories that you can use to express yourself and enhance what you already have. We would never want you to think that you are not worthy or that you are not beautiful, because that is simply not true.

While we do want you to enjoy the awesome products that we make specially for you, a Pheora Rucci customer is confident, bold, self-aware, set trends, and loves themselves. We love you, so we want you to love yourself first. 

So, go out there. Play with makeup and have fun while doing it.